Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meet Team Liberia II!

With great enthusiasm, Team Liberia I has passed on the baton to the newest members of Team Liberia II. Already hitting the ground running in Monrovia, Team Liberia II comprises a group of twelve energetic interns from both the MPA/International Development and MPP programs at the Harvard Kennedy School.

I am particularly thrilled that three tremendously talented students from the MPA/ID program will follow in my footsteps and are working this summer in the Ministry of Finance: Preya Sharma in Minister Sayeh's office, Diane Mak with Minister Tamba in Revenue, and Conchita Galdon with Minister Smith in Expenditure. Both Diane and Preya are writing blogs about their summer experiences, which I am eagerly following from Washington.

The additional internships of Team Liberia II span several other ministries, including:
I wish Team Liberia II all the best of luck as they endeavor to support and learn from the Liberian government. It is my hope that the newest members of Team Liberia II will find as much meaning, unparalleled insight, and dear friendships from their experience as did their predecessors.

I would also like to express my gratitude for the many individuals who helped make these internships possible, particularly:
  • Nancy Germeshausan Klavans, whose funding through the Women and Public Policy Program at the Kennedy School is sponsoring three current interns;
  • Carol Finney of the MPA/ID program for her dedicated help in raising funds for Team Liberia II
  • Steve Radelet of the Center for Global Development for his continued leadership and support for Team Liberia;
  • Amara Konneh, recent KSG graduate and former deputy chief of staff for President Sirleaf, for his exceptional leadership and commitment to making the KSG-Liberia partnership successful and sustainable;
  • Rupert Simons and Emily Stanger, for their enthusiastic assistance and invaluable advice;
  • Dan Honig and Conor Hartman, for their instrumental help from Monrovia.
And of course, my sincere gratitude to President Sirleaf and her Ministers, for once again warmly welcoming this energetic group of students to join their efforts to move Liberia forward.


tonia said...

Hi Molly,
Came across your website a little while ago and enjoyed reading about your internship in Liberia. I'm glad you had a great time there and I'm glad you got the chance to be a part of the rebuilding process!
I'm trying to set up a foundation to support a small private school my parents founded over 20 years ago in Liberia (and which is having a hard time getting back on its feet after the war) and am looking for an organization in Monrovia to partner with that can be trusted to carry out projects to help the school as well as the community around it. Would love to discuss ideas with you. If that's okay with you, please contact me at t.dabwe[at] Kind regards, Tonia

john haley said...
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Anonymous said...
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Earl said...

I read your interesting blog. Can you or anyone direct me to a news piece that outlines the current situation with Charles Taylor and/or his son. I saw a piece that was to be shown on CNN, but I missed it.

Anonymous said...

When I knew you as a ND student I knew you would go on to do great things and you have.
My God bless you richly.
Marguerite Taylor
Robinson Community learning Center
South Bend, IN

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