Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Colleen has arrived!

Colleen has arrived in Monrovia! My little sister (and favorite side kick) Colleen will be spending the next two weeks with me in Liberia, followed by a two week adventure in Senegal and Mali. Colleen -- a third year student in the University of Iowa's nonfiction writing program -- and I made a pact to travel as much as possible together while we're both in graduate school, capitalizing on our overlapping breaks and our mutual wanderlust. Traveling with Colleen is always a joy. Not only do I relish her writer's eye-view of her surroundings (which contrasts nicely with my policy wonky lense), but I also cherish the quality sister bonding time. During her time in Liberia, Colleen will be writing an article for Ms. Magazine about women leaders in Liberia ,and will be retracing and updating some of Graham Greene's novice meanderings from his book "A Journey Without Maps." And of course making me giggle incessantly. Catch us soon in Timbuktu...

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Brian said...

We give Liberia two Kinders and what do we get in return? Liberia 2, USA 0. Our trade deficit has just increased.

Kiwako Sakamoto said...

!!! I met your sister at Java House in Iowa City right before she left US! Does she remember an Asian girl who sat with her in the same table and talked a little bit about Africa?
(Excuse my late introduction. I am a Japanese girl who visited KSG when my friend Yuko danced Eisah at May 3rd. I am currently living in Iowa City for a summer research. I was checking your blog as well as other MPAID people's blog because I'm very interested in development area. Please feel free to delete my comment if you feel it's inappropriate for your blog.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,

Good to hear you are enjoying Liberia...say hi to my sis for me Angelique...thanks to your contribution in the rebuilding of Liberia. We have a long way to go but contributions like yours will help.

Women of Power...Women of Substance

Ronauld Weeks