Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lots of love for Team Liberia

Family dinner

Celebrating Yue Man's completion of Liberia's application for (many millions of dollars of) funding for a tuberculosis program fom the Global Fund.

Our daily commute (in a 15 passenger van) to work
Two words describe my feelings toward Team Liberia: "the BEST!" [Team Liberia, this refers to "the best" as in the "the BEST best," and not just "the best."] Team Liberia has been the source of endless giggles, hilarity, memorable adventures, and just plain joy. We've morphed into a hybrid of summer camp (with girls vs. boys waterballoon fights), family (eating dinner every night together) and Real World Monrovia (with just a tad less drama). Consumed by intense work schedules and equally intense surroundings, it has been a great relief to have such a fabulous group to come home to every night. Monrovia, surpisingly, has its fair share of nightlife: a handful of outdoor bars with live music, a few favorite spots right in the beach, a hotel restaurant-turned-coffeeshop, and even a fabulous sushi restaurant. These have given us enough enough escapes to keep our spirits and energy up. Most evenings, though, we bond at the Baptist Compound -- feeding our addictions for mindless TV series (the OC and Sex and the City), teasing each other about our eccentric personality traits, and reflecting on our experiences and work. To put it mildly, I adore Team Liberia.


Edward said...

Molly--I regularly check on blog (and Zach's) to read about your experiences in Liberia. I am Liberian and am living vicariously through your postings for now.


Anonymous said...

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RV Sesay said...

Hey Team Liberia,

Molly, reading your blog gives me a nostalgic feeling about my dear Liberia. And Molly, as a fan of Sex and the City, i hope you find your Mr. Big in Monrovia, before you leave. Believe me there are lot of Mr. Bigs in Monrovia.LOL.

Seriously, my hat off to the entire team. I hope your experiences in Monrovia and your blog will educate other around the world about the other side of our war ravaged country-- that despite fourteen years of war, Liberians still have a great future to look up to.

Thanks, guys